Live Casino Holdem Hold’em Strategy

Live Holdem Casino Rules The best live casino strategy is to keep the house edge as small as possible. By making the right moves, you can reduce Live Dealer Casino Holdem’s house edge to around 2.5%. This gives you a reasonable chance of hitting some winning streaks or clearing that casino bonus.

The first step is to place an Ante bet; This is a requirement for you to participate in the game.

The minimum bet will vary between different casinos, starting at just $ 1. At this point, you have the option to play the “AA” side bet, which pays out good hands on the flop.

Two strategies to use

The exact strategy for this is complex; however, this can be divided into the following general rules:

Situations to call: if you have a pair (either on both hole cards or in combination with the flop), 2 overcards to the flop, any ace or king high, or 1 card for a straight or flush.

Situations to fold: when the board is even and you do not have a card higher than 10 when you lose the flop and you do not have 2 extra cards or an ace or king in your hand.

After making a decision

After calling (or folding), the dealer will deal the turn and river, and then reveal his own cards.

Payments depend on whether the dealer has “qualified” with a par or better. If not, then they only pay you double your bet. If the dealer qualified and won your hand, then you get paid on your 1 to 1 call and the bet is based on the following table:

Straight or lower: 1 to 1

Blush: 2 to 1

Whole house: 3 to 1

Quads: 10 to 1

Straight flush: 20 to 1

Royal Flush: 100 to 1

If the dealer has the best hand, then you lose your ante and call bets. You can refer to the Wizard of Odds for more information on Casino Hold’em strategy.

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